Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And the countdown begins....

My flight has been booked today. August 27th. Italia here I come! =)
So many mixed emotions. I'm anxious, excited, nervous, scared, ahhh!
Updates on my crazy summer full of preparation to come! On the list so far:
  • Put my place up for lease (check)
  • Move back home to save more dough (in progress --and mille grazie mom & dad!)
  • Get a work-holiday Visa
  • Figure out where I will live in Florence
  • Deal with canceling numerous services, policies and subscriptions (ew....)
  • Keep up with my Italian lessons via RosettaStone so I can have a conversation with mamma Masci
  • Complete online college course 
  • Spend ALOT of time with my friends & family....and especially my nephew Lucho (wahh!)
I'm sure the list will get longer as the date gets closer. That's usually how it works. I can't believe this is really happening.....

xo T

My nephew Luchie Bear (Lucho)....doesn't he look like a baby bear?


  1. Condo has been leased. Another CHECK!

  2. How exciting this all is! I'm so happy for you sis. But I'll miss you mucho too. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Living, working, studying abroad.... And of all places, ITALY! is really a dream come true. Now's the time. I'll be living vicariously through you Jonqs. Love u xoxo

  3. I am soooooo excited for you! You seem to have everything perfectly under control. Now, it's time to let yourself go and live. =)

  4. I'm starting this whole "blog" thing because of you girl!!! Next I have to set up my skype account and webcam! bahaha! I'm sooo excited for you and like sandy said...i'm gonna live vicariously through you too!!! can't wait to read all your updates! But first...VACATION TIME!!!!!

  5. so proud and happy for you!!! :)


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