Friday, May 27, 2011

Dov'è David??

Friday at work. Kind of a slow day. Raining outside. Which got me thinking about the last time I was in Florence. It was in February last year, every day it rained. Despite the gloomy, cold, wet weather, we decided to head over to the gallery, huddled under a tattered 5€ umbrella, to go gawk at the ever-so-popular statue of David. I mean, who goes to Florence and doesn't see the statue of David?

So after waiting in a surprisingly decent sized line for a rainy day, we enter this spectacular gallery. Mind you, it's not a quick 20 minute stroll in and out the gallery. We spent about an hour and a half walking, plus time in between to stop for breaks (yes, my lazy ass had to sit periodically), through this massive place looking at rows and rooms full of white statues. I was anxiously looking for David, "Is that him?"...."Oh! What about that one?!" Honestly, it's kind of hard to tell when there are hundreds of other white statues shaped like naked men with perfectly cut, 6-pack abs. When we finally got to the "uscita" (exit) sign, I stopped and looked at my boyfriend. He had the same look in his eyes, you know...the "where the *bleep* is David" eyes.

Whoops, did I forget to mention that we were at the WRONG gallery? I mean, who did I think I was? A local Florentine? Why didn't I think to pick up a tour book, or even ask the hotel concierge, or how about google? I just had some weird assumption that it was at the Uffizi gallery.

So we turned around thinking we MUST have missed it. This could not be possible. How in the world could we have missed the crowd of tourists surrounding the infamous David? We entered the tourist shop inside the gallery and found some book that wrote about the statue of David and other how it is located inside the Accademia Gallery! There were approxmiately 10 seconds of silence. Then an outburst of laughter between the two of us. The only words that could come out of my mouth, "Wow, aren't we Dumb and Dumber". Doesn't matter who was which.

On the bright side, Uffizi was immaculate. I'm no art history major, but I can definitely appreciate the Renaissance arts. The gallery was filled with so much beauty and history, it was still worth the trip! At least now I know David is waiting for me....and he ain't budging.

;) T

I'll be seeing you soon....
This one's for you babe... =P

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Now that's da-Bomba!

I don't think there is one blog about living in Italy that doesn't mention its wonderful foods. In fact, any time someone comes back from a trip to Italy, one of the top three things they will mention is how amazing the food was. This is why it is one of the things that gets me super excited about moving there, particularily, i dolci -- the sweets. Now I'm not one that normally craves sweets. Maybe it's because our sweets here don't even compare. But if you take fresh pastry, and stuff it with cream or we're talkin. If there's one thing the Italians do well, it's i dolci. Of course I've enjoyed a croissant, or two, or ten, or ok, a few hundred in my life. However, I will never forget the first time I had a fresh cornetto (croissant) filled with cream from a local pasticceria in Terni. It was the absolute best tasting pastry I've ever had in my life. So good that I had to stop over once more before catching my flight back to Toronto.

Cornetto con panna -- made by Fittuccia, Via E. Chiesa, 34  05100 Terni

A few weeks ago, we had our weekly "treat day" at work. We were graced by these beautiful, perfectly rounded, sugared little pastries called "bomba" from an Italian bakery. Oh Mio Dio. There were three kinds of fillings: banana cream, caramel and, yes, Nutella. If they were that savory here in Toronto, I can only imagine how insanely good they will be in Italia.

Italian dolci --Bombe! made by Dolce Bombe Cafe, 7611 Pine Valley Drive, Woodbridge, ON

La bomba, filled with Nutella

When I first met my boyfriend, I discovered that his breakfast usually consisted of sweet pastries like, la bomba. I was a little put off, thinking "who would want something so overly sweet, first thing in the morning?!". Especially since the typical North American breakfast includes eggs, toast, and if you like your meat, some bacon or sausage. He was so repulsed by the fact that I cooked eggs in the morning for my weekend breakfast. It was pretty amusing looking at my plate full of scrambled eggs and toast next to his plate of a croissant, split in half with way too much Nutella spread on each side. Oh and while I like to enjoy black tea or juice with my breakfast, he enjoys hot chocolate with added sugar or warm milk with sugar.Uh....

It was even a little bit frustrating to try and plan brunch when he visited Toronto. When we do Sunday brunch, we sleep in, wake up, get ready and head downtown to a cute spot to eat around noon. My boyfriend had to eat a few cookies before heading out to get a few sweets in his belly to start. God forbid he eat any foods that weren't sweet to begin his day! Oh, and I can't forget the time we went for Dim Sum. I think he was slightly traumatized that we were eating shrimp dumplings and rice noodle rolls before noon!

At first I couldn't understand eating all these sweets in the morning. But then it kinda made sense. Why not eat these sugary sweets in the morning, so you have the entire day to burn them off. Beats eating them for dessert after a heavy dinner, then hittin' the sac a few hours later. I think I may convert eventually to a bomba or two for la mia colazione (my Rosetta Stone® is finally paying off). But before I do, I'm going to enjoy a few more dim sum dates with my buddies on Sunday afternoon.

Buon appetito!
xo T

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saying good-bye.

The time has finally arrived. I am moving out of my condo this weekend. Having been so busy since I got back to Toronto, I haven't really had time to think about my transition moving back home with my parents. Don't get me wrong, I love my family. My parents are super supportive and loving. But I have to admit, I've gotten pretty used to living on my own the last few years. I definitely will miss walking into a peaceful, quiet home after a long day at work. I will miss being able to have bad reality tv marathons alone on a Sunday afternoon without any judgment. I will miss having my own private fashion shows trying on a new pair of shoes at 1am, prancing around my place. Most of all, I will really miss living in the city. I think I sort of took it for granted the past few months. I am realizing now I good I had it and I am definitely thankful for the time and memories I had at my cute little condo.

Condo living...

View of Toronto from my den
(I know, poor quality pic taken from my Blackberry)

Maybe there's also a teeny bit of fear & anxiety kicking in of moving to a brand new city where I don't have the comfort of my own things in my own place. I'm a little bit nervous of being in places I can't really call "home", especially since I'll be moving to one city for 4 weeks, and then another. I find myself having worries lately now that this move to Italy is finally happening. Will I have creepy roommates? Will the bathtub make me want to gag? Will I ever get the guts to drive in Italy? Then I stop myself before I turn into a nervous wreck. Thank God for that little light at the end of the tunnel. It looks a little something like this....

Firenze: A breathtaking view from the top of the Duomo bell tower

Three and a half months and counting....
xo T

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back to reality...

Monday morning sucked, big time. Cloudy skies, gloomy weather, morning traffic, ugh. After spending 8 full days, waking up to the fresh sea breeze, lazying around on the beach while dozing in and out of sleep, it's difficult to sit here reading work emails. Time for my blog break.

I just answered a phone call, when a client started babbling about something I handled for her, and how she had more questions and issues, blah blah. I actually had to stop her and tell her "I'm so sorry, but I just returned from vacation yesterday and my brain is not fully functioning yet. Do you mind refreshing my memory and starting from the beginning?". Thank God she found me amusing.

laying down on the beach...

white sands and clear blue waters....*sigh*

where we went for our morning jogs
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