Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back to reality...

Monday morning sucked, big time. Cloudy skies, gloomy weather, morning traffic, ugh. After spending 8 full days, waking up to the fresh sea breeze, lazying around on the beach while dozing in and out of sleep, it's difficult to sit here reading work emails. Time for my blog break.

I just answered a phone call, when a client started babbling about something I handled for her, and how she had more questions and issues, blah blah. I actually had to stop her and tell her "I'm so sorry, but I just returned from vacation yesterday and my brain is not fully functioning yet. Do you mind refreshing my memory and starting from the beginning?". Thank God she found me amusing.

laying down on the beach...

white sands and clear blue waters....*sigh*

where we went for our morning jogs

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