Friday, May 27, 2011

Dov'è David??

Friday at work. Kind of a slow day. Raining outside. Which got me thinking about the last time I was in Florence. It was in February last year, every day it rained. Despite the gloomy, cold, wet weather, we decided to head over to the gallery, huddled under a tattered 5€ umbrella, to go gawk at the ever-so-popular statue of David. I mean, who goes to Florence and doesn't see the statue of David?

So after waiting in a surprisingly decent sized line for a rainy day, we enter this spectacular gallery. Mind you, it's not a quick 20 minute stroll in and out the gallery. We spent about an hour and a half walking, plus time in between to stop for breaks (yes, my lazy ass had to sit periodically), through this massive place looking at rows and rooms full of white statues. I was anxiously looking for David, "Is that him?"...."Oh! What about that one?!" Honestly, it's kind of hard to tell when there are hundreds of other white statues shaped like naked men with perfectly cut, 6-pack abs. When we finally got to the "uscita" (exit) sign, I stopped and looked at my boyfriend. He had the same look in his eyes, you know...the "where the *bleep* is David" eyes.

Whoops, did I forget to mention that we were at the WRONG gallery? I mean, who did I think I was? A local Florentine? Why didn't I think to pick up a tour book, or even ask the hotel concierge, or how about google? I just had some weird assumption that it was at the Uffizi gallery.

So we turned around thinking we MUST have missed it. This could not be possible. How in the world could we have missed the crowd of tourists surrounding the infamous David? We entered the tourist shop inside the gallery and found some book that wrote about the statue of David and other how it is located inside the Accademia Gallery! There were approxmiately 10 seconds of silence. Then an outburst of laughter between the two of us. The only words that could come out of my mouth, "Wow, aren't we Dumb and Dumber". Doesn't matter who was which.

On the bright side, Uffizi was immaculate. I'm no art history major, but I can definitely appreciate the Renaissance arts. The gallery was filled with so much beauty and history, it was still worth the trip! At least now I know David is waiting for me....and he ain't budging.

;) T

I'll be seeing you soon....
This one's for you babe... =P

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