Wednesday, August 24, 2011

La Dolce Vita Series: Friends & Family

Sorry, I'm a little late on my Dolce Vita post this week. Life has been pretty hectic the last little while. I had my last day at work this past Friday. I always thought that day would feel amazing. I thought I would walk out of that building, never wanting to look back....but I was so wrong. If you think about it, I spent the last six years going into work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day...which is normal for many people. That's more time you spend with your own family! I developed so many relationships with co-workers that they pretty much became my "family". Without them, every day at work would have been dull and a struggle to get through. I guess I could only realize all of this as it came to an end. I truly am thankful for all the wonderful friendships that I have accumulated over the years.

Thanks for the last 6 years guys!

On top of that, the weekend before last, 25 of my fabulous friends threw me the most amazing surprise party. It was amazing because I really had absolutely NO clue. In fact, I almost stayed at home that evening. I was extremely exhausted from cleaning out my whole garage to make room for my car while I'm gone. My sister had to practically dress me to get me to go out and have dinner. So when I got to the restaurant, and opened the door to be greeted by the loudest "SURPRIIIISEEE!" ever, I was completely stunned. I have never felt so special and loved in my whole life! It was definitely an emotional moment for me.

adorable cupcakes by my talented friend Esther @ Flour Studio, Toronto

thanks for the surprise cupcakes sis!

So to all my friends & family, remember that you are irreplaceable. No matter how many new people I meet in Italy, the memories we have made and the laughs we've shared will always be with me. Whether I'm in Italy or any other place in this world, I will always appreciate the relationships that make my dolce vita!



  1. So special! I'm glad the days before your move have been wonderful and memorable for you. You'll definitely look back and treasure those memories throughout your new journey. Best of wishes to you as you begin your new life.
    Love, Andrea

    P.S. - The cupcakes look so adorable and yummy! So cute and personalized. :-)

  2. I am so excited for you!!! I know exactly the roller coaster of emotions you are going through! Those cupcakes look delicious, and I LOVE the designs! See you soon in Firenze Theresa!!


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