Monday, November 28, 2011

Terni to Toronto

I recently returned to Toronto to visit my baby nephew who was born a few weeks ago. When I'm with him, I kind of forget that I now live in Italy. The love I feel for him is totally indescribable. I just want to kiss his cute little face every minute.

Since I'm only here for another 2 weeks, I probably won't be able to post for a little while. But for the few people who do follow my life in Italy and are curious, here's a quick recap:

I'm officially living in Terni (whoa).
I finally have a permesso di soggiorno (residence permit, phew).
I have fortunately found a job teaching English (another phew).
I have learned more Italian (including some words in Ternano! Che brutto!).
I have learned more Italian swear words (soccer match, obviously).
We finally got our kitchen (hallelujah!).
We finally bought a couch (but it won't arrive until 2012, boh!).
I finally baked my first crostata (Grazie a Samantha!).

.....and my biggest accomplishment yet: I drove. Yes, I drove. I drove far. I drove in those ridiculous rotundas. I drove on the autostrada (highway). What's the big deal? Just ask my fellow expats in Italy how proud a North American expat should be for successfully driving a motorized vehicle in Italy. So yes, big-ups to me.

Now, please tell me how the heck I'm going to leave these cutie pies behind in two weeks:



  1. Those photos are just gorgeous :)

    Congrats on everything!

    Have you started your job yet ? I think in our last email you were telling me you may do a few courses before leaving to Canada. If you've started how are you liking it ?

    Crostata yum! how did it turn out ?

    Enjoy your time in Canada !

  2. OMG tree! Your little nephew is GORG! Congrats to sandy for me please!

    i miss you, we need a FB video chat or something soon. Can't believe we you went home! I'm hoping to hit Toronto by Feb.



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