Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy New Year people! So it's 2012, holy crap time flies doesn't it? When I sit here and reflect on the last year, so much has happened. I wasn't even sure what to post about today since it's been so long, so I'll just start with the first Italian New Year's Eve --or as they call it "capodanno". Capodanno is really the first of the new year, however it's commonly used to talk about what everyone is doing at midnight on December 31st.

Prior to my first capodanno in Terni, I was a little worried that our friends would want to get all dolled up and hit a club, but hallelujah, everyone wanted to avoid the crowds and overpriced entrance fees. So we did capodanno Ternano style --headed up the mountain to a house in the country! 15 people, wine, meats for grilling in the fireplace, wine, games, wine and fireworks...oh wait, and wine. I don't even know how I laughed so much only understanding less than half of the conversations going on that night, but I did. Maybe it had something to do with my adult friends playing hide and seek, or 10 of us doing the mambo train all throughout the house (including the bathroom)? It was the best way to end the year and the perfect way to kick off a new one here in Italia.


first course, out of a gajillion!

midnight snack
(sausage bruschetta cooked in the fire....
....and yes, that's Italian "Scattegories"!)

My first New Year's day without a winter coat!

dishwashing, country style
more sausage bruschetta

traditional midnight meal, lentils and pork

All I gotta say is, I have no clue how these Italian girls stay so damn thin when they eat like champs. Power to them.

Until next time!

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  1. Happy New Year Tree! Funny enough I played Scattergories with my friends on New Years Eve too! more please! Thanks :)


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