Sunday, January 29, 2012

I love me some fried chicken....

Living in Italy definitely has its perks and obviously so, Italian food is one of them. But I don't think any non-native Italian living here can deny the cravings we can get for anything other than Italian food. During the last 4 months here in Terni, the only "different" foods I could find were; mediocre Chinese (serving bits of fried seaweed as an appetizer...seriously?), kebabs, and McDonald's....until last weekend.

I was strolling around the centre with my friend Samantha when we happened to walk by this newly opened place that had a huge sign outside with pictures of....FRIED CHICKEN. I feel slightly ashamed to be admitting this, but I was so ecstatic I almost pee'd myself. Samantha looked at me like I was a crazy person, especially since she told me she has never tasted it. She's NEVER had fried chicken before. I immediately went into the restaurant and got myself a flyer. I was so pleased to find that not only did they have fried chicken, but they also had tandoori chicken wings, spicy chicken burgers, and onion rings! I felt guilty to be so excited at the sight of all this fast, fried food, but it was uncontrollable.

So last Sunday evening, I was conveniently "not in the mood to cook". I took out my handy flyer and passed it to Emanuele. I was once again surprised to hear another person say, "I've never tried fried chicken", but he was up for it. Hells yeah! I know, I know. Fried chicken doesn't really do a body good, but when you live far far away from home and you need something other than pizza, roasted chicken, veal cutlets, wild boar, artichokes, bruschetta, etc, etc, then.....

.....THE CHICKEN HUT is where it's at. Well, at least it is for me. For now.

Via Porta S Giovanni, Terni, 05100

ps. The spicy chicken wings did not disappoint.


  1. YEEE HAW! That is all I am going to say! Enjoy!

  2. I love fried chicken but the best place that serves it is KFC which isn't so good.
    I made it once and it was delicious!
    My sister tried a place called Chefette in Barbados and she said it was unreal. Everyone loves fried chicken!!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  3. Aww Tree. That chicken looked so good and I can imagine you enjoying it! Yes and I can co-sign the above comment the chicken at Chefette is fantastic :)


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