Friday, March 30, 2012

A year later...

I started blogging about my journey one year ago today. It's a pretty crazy feeling to see how far I've come in only a year. I now firmly believe that if you don't live life to the fullest, it will pass you by. 

Looking back to my first post, I giggled at, what now seem like such small tasks, all that I needed to do before moving here. Here they are:
  • Put my place up for lease (check) Now I have a lease of my own, here in Italy!
  • Move back home to save more dough (in progress --and mille grazie mom & dad!) 
  • Get a work-holiday Visa After 6 months, it's now expired, but luckily I have a stable job and no longer need it!
  • Figure out where I will live in Florence Had some amazing memories living on Via del Sole.
  • Deal with canceling numerous services, policies and subscriptions (ew....) And now I have a whole bunch of new ones in Italy (sucks).
  • Keep up with my Italian lessons via RosettaStone so I can have a conversation with mamma Masci  Ok, I didn't do so well here, but I can have conversations with mamma! Throwing myself into conversations with native Italians have helped me tremendously! 
  • Complete online college course Halfway, wasn't enjoying it so much.
  • Spend ALOT of time with my friends & family....and especially my nephew Lucho (wahh!) It's never enough time... =( 
Now it's time to update my list for the next year.
  • Speak Italian much more fluently (I want to be able to speak without translating in my head, to be able to make jokes, to be able to make witty remarks and comment on things naturally...sigh)
  • Get my Italian driver's license (this is so intimidating to me, especially having to write the written exam...but then again moving here also did...) **note: I actually drive by myself to another part of the town to work 2 times a week. I couldn't let this go without noting since I'm obviously damn proud of myself haha!** 
  • Join a gym and get fit!
  • Be able to teach lessons without spending hours of lesson planning at home
  • Find time to take a mini Eastern European holiday somewhere
  • This one's big, but then again, what's wrong with dreaming big? Buy a home in Italy
Ok, that's a pretty good list for the next year. Can't wait to see how much I can cross off. =)


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