Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My first Easter (Pasqua) weekend in Italia was very similar my first Christmas here. Mass in the morning, then a 5 hour lunch at mamma's. Antipasti, lasagne, fried lamb, grilled lamb, fried artichokes, 4 kinds of dessert....food, food and more food as usual.

However, Easter Monday (Pasquetta) was something new to me, mainly beacuse Easter Monday isn't a holiday in Canada. I really appreciated having an extra day off. Even better, is having friends who have homes up in the mountains. It's always a good time getting away from the city, even if it's only for a few hours.

A half hour drive up the mountain in Stroncone, passing a few cows here and there, and we were in this small town called Prati. The photos don't really do justice since I wasn't really snapping photos like crazy. But it was a beautiful, sunny day with traces of snow here and there which reminded me of the first days of Spring back in Toronto. We enjoyed another fantastic lunch, mostly prepared by the guys which made it even more fantastic. Our "digestion walk" was well needed after all that food.

In Toronto, after having one day off for Easter, we normally lug our sorry asses back to work on Monday morning. On top of that, we would have to wait until the big May 2-4 (Victoria Day) weekend to party it up with friends. But it's quite a nice change having our next holiday fast approaching on April 25th (Liberazione) and a week after that there's May 1st (Festa del Lavoro). One of the perks about living here, all those extra days off.


Alessio giving me the "stop taking photos" finger while cooking

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