Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I've gone from counting down the days to moving here to counting down the days until I can finally visit "home" (which is still Toronto for me). I've been feeling homesick lately. These are the two main reasons why:


3 more months. Sto aspettando....


  1. We are all anxiously waiting for you sis. Ade and I talk and think about it all the time.....Can't wait till you guys babysit Mateo and Lucho so we can go party every night. Haha :) But seriously you already know how much we all miss you. We are gonna do soooooo much together when you're here. Major FAMILY time!!!!!! Woohoooo! Love u xoxo

  2. Ps. F U for the ordering Colombian food comment! Lol! Now hurry up and get here so you can clean my house and cook everything from scratch for me slave!!!!!!

  3. Heyy Tree...randomly had your blog in my favorites list and thought I'd check it out to see if you're still bloggin...and to my delight you were!!! Anyway just wanted to send a quickly hello and hope things are fabulous..by the looks of your blog looks like you've been having some fun times (minus the homesick part). Miss ya this year in Dominican :( but we felt you there in spirits..xoxox

  4. Your nephews are so cute! The human one has such cute pinchable cheeks. I love babies at that age. I hope you get lots of time to enjoy them when you visit :)


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