Monday, June 25, 2012

Seasonal Adjustments

This is my first official summer living here in Italy. As you know, I live in Terni, but what you possibly don't know is that it's located in a valley between mountains. This makes the city feel like a huge oven during the summer. Coming from Toronto, I'm completely used to hot, sticky, hazy and humid summers. But what I'm not used to is the absence of air conditioning. Called me a "spoiled city girl princess" if you want, but not having the luxurious crispy cool air at home can turn me into one nasty human being. The worst part is trying to cook a hot meal, literally sweatin' over the stove. Mamma mia,  I can't take it anymore!

So last week, we finally decided to splurge and install an air conditioner. While Emanuele's Mediterranean blood is used to this dreadful heat, my cold-ass Canadian blood isn't. Relationships are all about compromise, right? Obviously, living here, nothing is instant so we have to wait another week before we can have the beloved in the meantime, I'm making some summer adjustments.

my manual air conditioning

I have quickly learned that the people that live here "just deal" with this heat by making minor adjustments in their lives; Doing their errands in the early morning until about noon. Staying home during the hottest hours in the afternoon with the windows open and shutters closed (in hopes that a slight breeze will enter while the sun doesn't). Heading to the pool, the mountains or the sea on the weekend to cool off. One adjustment that I've quickly adapted is: just not using the dang oven or stove! It may seem obvious to many of you, but to me it was breaking news. 

Dinners are actually quite more enjoyable without the unbearable heat from the oven and the bitchy cook (right, that would be me). Fresh mozzarella, bruschette topped with fresh tomatoes and basil, salads and assortments of affettato (that's 'coldcuts' to us north americans) --especially the good ol' faithful sliced melon topped with prosciutto, can't go wrong. Oh and tons and tons of gelato! And if all else fails, just pick up a freshly made margherita pizza for 3 euros down the street.

Yes, the summer here is annoyingly hot, but the evenings can be quite nice. Especially with a glass full of homemade Sicilian wine (given to me by one of my students who brought it back from his trip home to Sicily and was generous enough to share the goodness with me), relaxing on my balcony.
Last night, I also had the pleasure of heading up to Prati again to our friend's summer home to enjoy some cold air and Italy beat England in the quarter-finals.

But, don't get me wrong. I'm still excitingly waiting for my new a/c and will probably shed a tear when I press that "on" button. 

ps. Please blame the poor quality pics on my blackberry and my laziness. 

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  1. Hi Jonqs!!
    I loved this post. You're a fantastic blogger little sis. Let's do a collabo when you get here. Can't waaaaiiiiiit till you're here! Congrats on getting air conditioning. No one likes bitchy Ginny! Hahahaha!! :)
    Your big sis,
    Sandy xo


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