Thursday, December 27, 2012

Down time.

With the holiday season here and all, I FINALLY found some down time to update this thing! It's been a whole 2 months since I've posted anything. Yes, I've been busy, but honestly I haven't really had anything super eventful or interesting to write about lately. The majority of my time has been dedicated to working and studying for my driving theory exam (which I hope to do in February). 

I've been going through some ups and downs. Missing home a lot.  Not only 'cause the holidays are here, but I've just been feeling frustrated. I know it's only natural since this isn't my hometown and I'm still not completely fluent in Italian. But man, I have some really bad days where I'm just cursing about everything here and really want to go home. The only thing that really keeps me strong is my wonderful man and our close-knit group of friends and family.

sharing some fun western Christmas gift games with my Ternano people

Learning Napoletano cards ain't easy!
I love game nights
The amazing cousin Fabio in action for Christmas lunch
Alla prossima!


  1. Totally feel you!!!! Did you play 31 with those cards? We did until the middle of the night on Christmas! Buon Natale & Buon anno a te! XOXO

  2. Its been a long time! Oh the frustration...I know it all very well but stay strong!
    You'll do fine on your exam :) I had to take it twice, but no worries it will be well worth it in the end. You'll feel more integrated into the culture when you're able to go around as you please.

    If you ever need someone to rant to in English feel free to email me !
    Happy holidays

    1. Jonnnqqqqsssss!!!!!

      We will see eachother in just a few months then its summer in Toronto! Thank God for Skype and FaceTime!!!! We miss you lots but because we all talk every day it makes it a little better no? ;) You know we are all here for you no matter what. You did the best thing you needed to do. Focus on that exam for now. You'll do we'll I'm sure. You're hardcore. Love you. Big sis xxoo


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