Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here comes the...."bride"?

So, I'm not a typical bride. How so? Well, for starters,  I wanted to wear my sister's dress, and my mom was not having that, so she took me out to buy one. When people ask me what my "theme" is, I have a blank look on my face. I guess if I had to pick, it'd be "minimal". The thought of 'bombonieres' make me irritated, remembering all the weddings I've been to where I'm staring at this little piece of junk, wrapped in a bow, on my plate wondering why the anyone in their right mind would waste so much money on this crap. Speeches, dances, floral all gives me a headache!

That's why I'm extremely thankful for Emanuele's friend, who happens to be a wedding planner, who can basically just suggest something and all I have to do is nod. I'm also very thankful for my sister who is the complete opposite and loves all this event planning stuff. She's so detail oriented and on top of her game. So kudos to her for making my Toronto reception happen. Cause if it were up to me, we'd probably be celebrating it at a burger joint.

Don't get me wrong. I'm so excited to marry the best guy I've ever known. I'm excited to start our lives as husband and wife and I really do respect and appreciate the meaning of marriage. I just don't like all the fluffy stuff around weddings. All I care about is celebrating our big day with the people we love. Some of the advantages about doing it here? The food is ridiculously good in Italy, obviously. Also, where we live, people don't do a lot of the unnecessary stuff people do back home (ie. center piece games, speeches, rehearsed dances) which makes me very relieved.....and the best part for me, are the amazing backdrops to choose from. Since we booked our venue, I'll let the visuals speak for themselves.


13th century church in a small village in the mountains nearby

ex-convent turned into small hotel in the country

Deliberately preserved its "Francescano" style

our venue in the fall, naturally picture-perfect



  1. Beautiful locations!! congrats! And yes, I noticed that receptions here tend to be more about eating well and mingling than big speeches, 'games', 'Te Big Dance' etc. There are speeches of course, and the clinking glasses for the bride & groom to kiss, but not to the extreme as North Americans are used to. And I agree! lol

  2. Who needs a wedding theme when you have a setting like that? 13th century church in the mountains? It sounds lovely :)

  3. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wohoooo!!!! :)


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