Thursday, January 24, 2013

How quickly time flies.

I've been living here in Terni for over a year now and sometimes I can't believe how quickly it's gone by. 2012 has been so challenging, yet rewarding. I've had some of the happiest moments in my life and also some of the most intimidating and stressful. Nonetheless, I really do believe that you can't go on living life without experiencing new things and challenging yourself. Because if you don't, you can't discover all that life has to offer you and that you can offer life!

I'm sorry for the mashed up post, but I've been overwhelmed with things lately. Obviously I haven't had time to update you guys in a very long time, so here's a quick recap of the last few months of 2012:

-After a 5 week trip back home, got right back into working in September
-Had my parents come and visit me in Italy. Travelled around Tuscany and Umbria. FINALLY visited a winery. Something I've always wanted to do and was so happy we could all do it together.
-Been studying for this damn driving exam. When even the Italians tell you it's difficult, you know it's hell studying for this thing.
-Wedding planning. I'm not a typical bride, so this is definitely not fun for me. I'm the laziest bride in the world. No joke. Thank god for my sister who is organizing the Toronto reception.
-Capodanno (NYE) was perfect. A gathering at our friend's taverna, way too much food, lots of games.

Here are some photos from the recap. Until next time!

San Francesco, Assisi. One of the most beautiful places in Umbria.

The Porziuncola inside
Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi 
Future "in laws"!
Streets of Siena

Pops makin' friends in Siena.
Wine tasting, Castello di Verrazzano 
Breathtaking views
This fountain looked like a mirror, beautiful
Caught red-handed. Tryin' to snatch a sexy  piece of
 prosciutto from the winery.
Serene view from our cute little hotel in Radda in Chianti.

La famiglia!

Double birthday dinner for Elisa and I
Lele & Tree

Lentils are a must for NYE
Tutti a tavola!
Unsuccessful magic trick by Daniele

Buon Anno! Wishing everyone the best 2013, don't let it go to waste!


  1. Auguri! Buon anno! Happy planning! All that fun stuff! I love all your photos!!! in bocco lupo with the drivers exam! xx

    1. Thanks chica! Hope you newlyweds are enjoying your new married life. =)
      Are you staying in Italy? Any plans to move back?

  2. What lovely pictures ! :) How is teaching going? I'm sure you've picked up many tricks by now!! I hope everything is going well for you in Italy
    A presto !


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