Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Never say never...

Yup, I just quoted the Biebs. The kid had a point though.

I would sometimes tell myself that I could never get an Italian driver's license. It seemed almost impossible. The whole thing was just too much. Especially for someone who got their license nearly 15 years ago, having to re-study was a pain in the butt. Doing it in Italian was definitely the icing on the cake. Then you have the crazy drivers here to de-motivate you even more; the old woman who drives in the wrong direction in a round-about (which is ONE way), the idiot exiting the parking lot without even looking left to see that you're like 5 feet away, the D bag who tries to surpass you in the opposite lane realizing there's a speed trap then braking so hard while still in the wrong lane....so many stories, so little blog-space.

I'm now officially one step away from getting my full driver's license. Last month I passed my long-awaited theory exam and now have my own "foglio rosa" (pink paper). This allows me to legally drive in the country when accompanied by another driver in the same car. This deserved a special post since it was one of my original list of goals and I'm feeling pretty effing proud of myself. When even Italian people tell you this exam ain't easy, that says something. I personally think it's because of all the aspects of driving they expect you to know (ie. components of the car, insurance policies, first aid, every kind of sign...and they have a crazy amount of signs, etc, etc...).

I was able to prove to myself that if I put my mind to something, I can really do it. Next step, mandatory 6 hours of driving lessons before my practical exam. I've already done 2 which were quite amusing to the instructors who could obviously see I didn't need them (yes, I already drive stick). Love how this country finds ways to make you spend money for no reason.



  1. Sometimes you need to quote Justin .. lets be honest hahah but congratulations !! You deserve it all :) and one more check off of your goal list. As tough as we all know the bel paese can be we can make it work for us .. sometimes :)


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